Dissolve feat. Nick Papageorgiou of The Northern


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Our new single "Dissolve" from our upcoming album HIVE MIND out 03/08/15

Featuring: Nick Papageorgiou of The Northern

Lyric Video done by: Loud Frame

Recorded and tracked by: Mark Jossul of Mobus Music

Mixed and Mastered by: Acle Kahney of 4D Sounds



The structures no longer serve any purpose
Instituting beliefs that now seem trivial
Distractions that eliminate the origins
And discredit the solution
Deciding to incriminate enlightenment
With no limits on self-serving replication

Pandemic application
Sugarcoated collectively

Swallowed as a whole
Without even second guessing
Predetermined adolescence for the masses
Corrupted morals lead to dead ends
While misdirection conceals the obvious

Conceals the obvious (x2)

(Nick Papageorgiou)
This is what we’ve found
At the end of all recorded history

Can you feel that? I know you must. It’s the same feeling that we all experience when it’s silent and it’s just you with your thoughts. It’s a deep sense of longing for the truth - a truth that seems so distant yet so familiar. What I’m about to share with you will go against the grain. Do your best to look closely at your surroundings and realize that there is many disguised sacred artifacts just waiting to be found. The long forgotten essential oils, ancient fungi, temples of the Gods, and mind-manifesting plants are the solvents that will revive us.

How strong are beliefs
If they can’t stand up to questioning?
When they crumble under pressure
Boundaries dissolve

Dissolve (x2)

The cultural fabric has been torn away
Leaving behind
What has always existed
Triggering of an archaic revival
With increasing versatility

We’re searching for something
That has found us
Do not bother
Looking any further
There isn’t any purpose

(Nick Papageoriou)
Do not bother looking any further

(Nick and Jim)
Do not bother looking any further


released January 29, 2015



all rights reserved



SINTHETIK is heavily influenced by ancient knowledge and mysticism, spirituality, corruption of nature, and the realm of the psychedelic.

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